Doug Hopkins

Financial Advisor

For more than 40 years, Doug and his family have called Milton home.

"I work with successful business owners, executives and those nearing retirement. People who are concerned because they don't know if their money will outlast them or will they outlast their money? Those that are worried about what would happen to their family or business in the event of a serious illness. Sometimes it's people who are frustrated because they don't know the most tax efficient way to receive their retirement income or get savings out of their company. If any of those are things you think about then we should get together."
Doug is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) with more than 19 years of industry experience. He assists his clients to navigate through the financial planning process while focusing on adequate savings, efficient tax strategies, positive cash flow projections and effective risk management. Doug’s practical advice and passionate approach provide his clients with confidence and comfort.